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Traditional Chinese Medicine | Acupuncture | Tuina Course
4-week Acupuncture Moxibustion / Tuina / Cupping Intensive Basic Course
3-week / 2-week Tuina / Cupping Program
TCM / Acupuncture Moxibustion / Tuina / Cupping Clinical Internship / Probation
3-month Acupunture Moxibustion Basic Course
3-Week Acupuncture Tuina Program For Weight Loss
3-month Acupunture Basic Course
4-Week Acupuncture Tuina Program For Locomotor System
Advanced 3-month Acupunture Course

Taiji | Tai Chi | Qigong | Chi Kung | Qi | Chi Course
26-day Taiji / Qigong course
Taiji / Qigong Course

Mandarin | Chinese Language Course
Intensive Business Mandarin Course
Intensive Mandarin Course
4-week Mandarin Immersion Spring Short Term Program
Semester Mandarin Course
Mandarin Short Term Course

Martial Arts | Wushu | Kung Fu Course
Short Term Martial Arts Course
Semester Martial Arts Course
Beijing Short Term Martial Arts Course
Semester Martial Arts Course

Mandarin Summer Course | Summer Camp
Mandarin Summer Course
4-week / 8-week Mandarin Summer Course
Mandarin Summer Camp

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Chinese Language Course in China
TCM, Acupuncture, Tuina Clinical Course in China
Acupuncture Clinical Internship in China
Mandarin, Chinese Language Summer Course in China Mandarin, Chinese Language Summer Course in China

Study Mandarin, Chinese Language in China   Mandarin | Chinese Language

The Mandarin Immersion Program is the most effective way to learn Mandarin!

It is designed to help you to communicate in Mandarin as rapidly as possible.

Learners have great opportunity to discover the local Chinese people and Chinese culture during the learning process.

Study Acupuncture in China

Acupuncture | Tuina | Cupping | TCM

Learn Chinese Medicine in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai!

Combine theory with practice; classroom lectures with clinical practice is to be followed.

Apart from the traditional way of learning of sitting through classes, participants also get valuable opportunity to follow with TCM doctors at local clinic.

The leading TCM Program will bring you to the astonishing world of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Chinese Martial Arts Training in China
  Martial Arts | Kung Fu | Wu Shu

Train your body and soul, this is essence of Chinese Martial Arts.

Participants train under the guidance of China 's prominent Wushu masters and past National Chinese Wushu Champions.

Total beginners to participants competing in National Wushu competitions. Free Wushu Electives and Supervision are offered.


Qigong, Taiji Exercise in China


Qigong | Taiji | Tai Chi | Chi Kung | Qi | Chi

Qigong's benefits may hold out advances in cures for cancer, heart disease, AIDS, arthritis and asthma. It is effective to fight hemorrhoids, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, menstrual problem, prostrate problem, impotence, pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia and migraine headache.

Qigong is one of the four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Tuina, Herbal Medicines and Qigong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course | Acupuncture Course | Tuina Course | Cupping Course | Taiji Qigong Course
China TCM Course     Acupuncture Training Centre     Acupuncture Course In China     China Qigong
Chinese Medicine Course          Acupuncture Clinical Practice            Tuina Training           Cosmetic Acupuncture Training
Clinical Acupuncture Training      China Tuina Training      China Health Service      Acupuncture School In China      Qigong Tour

Chinese Language Course
| Mandarin Course | Summer Camp In China

Business Mandarin Course     Business Chinese Course     Mandarin Course In China     Mandarin Summer Course
Chinese Summer Course     Study In China    Mandarin School In China    Mandarin Summer Camp    Study In China Course